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Looking for a Standard Pup in TX

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Hi all,

I'm new around here, but have been a poodle mom for seven years now. Bones is, of course, the love of my life. I am hoping to add a puppy to the mix sometime next spring or summer while Bones still has the energy and patience to keep up.

Does anyone know of some reputable breeders in Texas, anywhere from Houston to the Hill Country, who is breeding? I am also hoping to train the new puppy for dove hunting so he can be part of the fun.

Nice to meet everyone! Attached is a picture of my little prince.
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Welcome, Katie and Bones! You will probably hear from several happy Donchadda/Betty Brown owners who highly recommend her in TX.
Yes, Donnchada is very close to Houston (it's in Plantersville northwest of Houston). Betty Brown is a professional handler as well as a breeder. She has been breeding poodles - primarily standards but some minis - for at least 40 years. I have known her since she was a kid and can recommend her unconditionally. I have a mini poodle from her.
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Thank y'all for the recommendation! Does Donnchada/Betty Brown have a website or a way to contact?
Katielady, email me at [email protected] and I will send you Betty's address and phone number.
If Betty Brown does not work out you might want to try Harwood Poodle or Argan Poodles. If I remember currectly they are both in the Houston area.
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