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Lily's new haircut

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I finally got Lily's hair cut. Here is her before photo Dog Mammal Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed

Here she is now! Eleven months old and looking all grown up! I love the way her coat feels, it's like having a whole different dog. Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae
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WoW! She is a whole different dog. She looks much more comfortable.
Awwww how nice she looks. Love it.
She certainly does look like a whole new dog! I'll bet she feels a lot better in her shorter do.
ahhhhhh how cute I love te fluffy face still. I am in the middle of growing Mandy girl out from her bikini clip we had all last year. I love it just wanted a change
She looks adorable. Different look from what I'm used to seeing but definitely adorable. I bet she feels better in her summer doo. :)
Thanks for the compliments! I really didn't want to shave her down as I thought it kept her looking like a puppy. My husband kept telling me she seemed hot, but I insisted that she was fine. I love the Japanese trims though, and I surprised my husband and took her for the big haircut. We both LOVE it, and now I am eating crow because I told my husband he was right! She is leaping around like a crazy puppy, and what used to take ONE HOUR of grooming now takes me 15 minutes, so everybody wins in the end!:peace:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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