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I don't know who wrote this, but I have had it on my bulletin board for a number of years.

Let the Bell Toll for the New Year

The headlines of this past year have been horrific.
Tsunamis, hurricanes, illnesses, floods, war, bombings,
Children kidnapped, children lost.
And closer to home....a murder, a home burnt to the ground.
Firefighters and policemen killed in the line of duty.

By the Grace of God I've personally been spared.
But I realize all too well that but for another second, another step,
Another blip in the grand scheme of things....
It could just as well have been me or my family or my friends.

So...let the bell toll...and as it does...cry!
Cry for those who are cold, without homes or food.
Cry for those who have lost family.
Cry for the sick and injured.
Cry for the victims of crimes that should never have happened.
Cry for the victims of disasters.
Cry for the accidents that made no sense.
For they deserve our tears.

And then be thankful!
For the driver who did not fall asleep at the wheel,
for the spark that did not ignite,
for the roof over your heads and the blanket on your bed,
for the cell that did not mutate.
Because it could have happened that way, too.

And rejoice.
Because by the Grace of God...we've made it.
We can affirm our commitment to a new outlook.
We are given the chance to face this New Year.
Once again.

So let the bell toll for the New Year.
And hear it.


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