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Last weeks deer bow hunting trip to the sierra mountains

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We did a little bow hunting and a lot of dog playing, picture taking, collecting pine cones, moss and etc. for yard deco. Fun family day trip. All of our velcro fur babies sure needed a good brush out and baths the following day. Completely understand why Todd keeps Moose in a short cut.


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More Sierra trip pics

pics continued:


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Awesome pics! I love your spoos, they're gorgeous! I can't wait to have the same spoo colour combination!
Thank you Locket. Tomorrows the big day isn't it?
Great pics Fuzbutz! The Poo's all look great!

My fav is the pic of Rocky running away from the water, towards you. He looks like a character!
Jenn, Your are absolutely right, Rocky is such a character. We love him to pieces.
Looks like they had a blast! Although getting them nice and clean after must have been a chore...they're worth it though lol!

Thanks for sharing!
Looks like they had fun!!! Love the pic smiling and running :)
wow - what gorgeous scenery!!! the kids look like they had loads of fun!
Great pictures, looks like everyone had fun, your dogs are beautiful.
Thank you for all the nice coments everyone. We all had a lot of fun.
They are wonderful pictures.
It sure looks like you guys had a great trip.
Sure looks like everyone had a great time! Great pics and lovely spoos! I can imagine how enjoyable this was for you, I know I never tire of watching the poodles playing and running, they are so graceful and beautiful to watch!

Thanks for sharing. :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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