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Hey Poodle Lovers!
The entry deadline is Sunday night, 11:59pm in your time zone.

And this guy could be in either category:


Category #1: The theme is I Miss My Groomer. This is self-explanatory. I don't know about you, but mine are going to be a groomer's nightmare. Feel free to show before-and-now shots.

Category #2: The theme is Working Poodles. Your poodle can be doing work such as therapy dog, but please feel free to let your imagine fly! Is he or she behind the wheel? Great, your poodle is an Uber driver! Is it all lathered up in the tub? Fine, he or she is a shampoo tester! You get the idea, and let's have fun with this! The Golden Retriever Forum did a similar contest in 3/2019, and the entries were a riot. Please check them out at their link here for ideas.

To enter or see entries, go to this PF link.
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