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Last Day To Enter Our May Photo Contest!

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I'm very excited that we three more entries yesterday! We now have six entries in both categories! Hooray contestants!

Jump in and join by adding your last minute entry. It's fun! It's easy! Entries are accepted until later today, 9pm Eastern Time/ 6pm West Coast time. The Voting Poll begins after that and runs for a week.

We have two categories:

1) Poodle Poetry - Submit 1 to 3 of your own original poem(s) with 1 to 3 photos of your poodle or poodle mix. The poem(s) can be rhyming, haiku, a limerick, free verse, and so forth. It/they can be short or long.

2) Ironic Captioned Poodle - Unleash your humor as you caption your poo in a photo. You may use 1 to 3 photos each with a caption, or up to three photos that tell one funny story.

Click on this PF link to see our entries and/or to enter!
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