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Okay Poodle Lovers! Today (Sunday) is the last day to submit your entry in this month's contest at this PF link. We have very nice ones and you can pick one of three categories:

1) Fashion Poodles! - Your poodle or poodle-mix is accessorized! A scarf, bow or ribbon, sunglasses, hat, rain boots, a little skirt, a floppy hat, bow or neck tie, a fancy-schmancy collar, bling necklaces, whatever!

2) Country Poodles! - The background setting of this/these photos could be a shot at the farm or a barn, a dip in a lake, a run thru the woods, hunting, at a country fair, whatever makes one think of a rural or country area.

3) Town & City Poodles! These can be, but do not have to be, shots of "pretty" places; they can reflect the gritty city life, which may be an interesting contrast to the natural beauty of the poodle.

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