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Today is the last day to enter. We have delightful entries so far, so new and old members, come join in the fun and show off your poodle or poodle mix! We have two categories; below are some simple samples.

1) Poodle Love - 1 to 2 photos of your poodle or poodle mix where it is doing something that you love about him or her. It could be as simple as a favorite pic that makes your heart smile, or with other dogs or pets or adults/kids. If you submit more than one photo they will be voted on as a group.

2) Tell A Fairy Tale Day - Credit to Rose n' Poos for introducing me to Fun Holidays (link).
Here, set your imagination free and give us a simple story with 1 to 5 photos about your poodle's inner fairy tale. Do this any way you want!

Submit your February Contest photos at this link on that thread. Entries are accepted thru today until 11:59 pm East Coast time or 8:59 pm West Coast time. The Voting Poll begins early Sunday morning and will run one week.
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