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I’m starting a photo thread for Lacey while she’s 2 years old. ❤ Here’s some pics since she turned 2 in mid July.

I’ve been growing out her ears and topknot for about 1 year and 3 months now. Haven’t touched it at all with scissors.
I love the look but I may be getting to the point where I’d rather keep the head low maintenance and ditch the banding for awhile. We’ll see. I’m definitely trimming it a little bit when I groom her in the very near future.

I have to start it with the birthday photo shoot I did with my honey girl.


Here’s a better view of the dress, ruffles and a big bow on the back.







Her cooling mechanism is adorable.


Those poodle eyes... they’re made to melt the hearts of humans.


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The photo after the dress photos was a shock, like OMG she’s naked! :ROFLMAO:

Such a perfectly pretty little lady. I adore her.
I totally thought about making a “naked”comment on that pic, because it’s exactly what I realized when I was reviewing the post! Full skin on display, haha. A couple days prior I shaved her body with the 10 blade. I do against the grain on the underside and legs so it looks very bare. I like the ultra sleek look but it doesn’t last as you know.

Yes! She looks like a naked chicken! But she is adorable as always. I just love her. You can see her sweet personality in all your pics. ❤
When she was a young puppy (before coat change) I kept her body longer and curly. I used to call her “chicken” because she looked exactly like a nummy little fried chicken. 🥰

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Awwwwww she is so sweet! I was thinking about Lacey yesterday… I love her big hair! What does the back of her head/neck look like?
I don’t have any very clear pics of the back of her head, this was the best I could find! She’s sleeping right now but I’ll try to get a better one at some point.

I shave the back of her neck up really high, almost to the level of where her ears meet the head. Otherwise it gets matted up by her collar.

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My Lacey girl.

Just doing daily stretches and looking fab.
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Gotta love cozy and sleepy times
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This is my current phone background!
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My sunshine ☀

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This is how long the topknot is without the band. Untouched since May 2020, amazingly. I didn’t think I’d keep it up for this long!
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I’m (not quite) ready for my close up.
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Merry Christmas. Sending wishes of love, good health, and peace to everyone at poodle forum!
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