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Kukla's 2nd birthday

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Yesterday (March 15) was Kukla's 2nd birthday. After experiencing a string of cloudy and wet days, the sun finally came out. We took full advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk by the SF Bay.
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I took many photos of Kukla, but he has the uncanny ability to look away a nanosecond before I take take the picture. Therefore, they all ended up like this one
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Here's a photo of his gifts, a new food puzzle and a Fluff & Tuff toy.
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The tag description of Stella Seahorse made me laugh!
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I put Kukla's evening meal in the Mazee. It's not a difficult food puzzle, but I would recommend it.

Later in the evening I brought out his new Fluff & Tuff toy for a game. He really enjoyed playing with Stella, although he doesn't look especially happy in this photo. I interrupted our play and asked him to sit next to Stella so I could take a picture. Don't worry, as soon as I took the photo we resumed playing!
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Kukla thanks all of you for the nice birthday wishes!
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Happy birthday, Kukla! The Ides or March, what an auspicious day to be born!
"The Ides of March" were the first words that came out of my mouth when Kukla's breeder told me the date his litter was born! 😀
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