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Kukla's 2nd birthday

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Yesterday (March 15) was Kukla's 2nd birthday. After experiencing a string of cloudy and wet days, the sun finally came out. We took full advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk by the SF Bay.
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I took many photos of Kukla, but he has the uncanny ability to look away a nanosecond before I take take the picture. Therefore, they all ended up like this one
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Here's a photo of his gifts, a new food puzzle and a Fluff & Tuff toy.
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The tag description of Stella Seahorse made me laugh!
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I put Kukla's evening meal in the Mazee. It's not a difficult food puzzle, but I would recommend it.

Later in the evening I brought out his new Fluff & Tuff toy for a game. He really enjoyed playing with Stella, although he doesn't look especially happy in this photo. I interrupted our play and asked him to sit next to Stella so I could take a picture. Don't worry, as soon as I took the photo we resumed playing!
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Happy birthday sweet Kukla! How can you be expected to hold still for a photo when it’s your birthday! 🥳
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