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Kiara's haven...Zoey update

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Kiara found out she can fit in Zoey's crate LOL!!! She is adjusting well, we started basic obedience last night and she did VERY well. As soon as she gets done with that, it will be time to go to Agility training! I am sooo excited! We have this great facility near us that offers everything! Check it out! http://www.bon-clyde.com/ I am hoping when we move I will be able to find a facility like this one near us again! If nothing else, maybe we will find the acreage we want with out buildings that can be transformed into an agility ring of my own! Adam has been looking at places that will provide enough room for a kennel, we will see. Zoey went to the vet yesterday and the vet said she is healing perfectly! Now since I got the ok, I am going to FINALLY fix her hair LOL!! Tynk is going through the I don't want to like Kiara phase LOL, Zoey is getting along with her but Tynk just totally ignores her even turns her head like a snob when she walks by lol.

She did the same thing to Zoey for about a week lol, when I did rescue, I think it bothered her and made her feel insecure about being here because I had foster dogs, some stayed only for a week, one stayed 3 months, but I think it hurt her to make friends with them and then have them find homes and leave. So, now she just acts really standoffish until she feels comfortable they are probably staying, then she makes friends. No aggression from anyone about anything though thank goodness, everyone is getting along great! Even my husband is taking a liking to Ki-ki lol, he says he loves her coat, he told our neighbor "you have to feel her coat, it makes you want to lay her on the floor like a rug and rub your feet through her coat" LMAO!!! This coming from the mad that says "I don't like dogs" LOL!!!

I measured Ki-ki, she is 21 1/2 in at the withers...perfect! Still not small enough to fit on Tynker's bed though LOL!