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Yeah, this can be taken both ways, as in you(human) eating time, or dog eating time. I'm going to take the other side of the fence and assume you want to keep your spoo calm to reduce the risk of GDV(bloat). They're studies out there that say don't have any strenuous activities an hour or two before or after a meal. No dog is safe from bloat, even toys and older dogs, although they are less likely.

Maybe an hour or two, whichever you feel safest with, before meal times you can take her for a good walk or jog to tire her out so she will be tired and less likely to play right before and after eating. If your not comfortable with exercising her beforehand maybe start a habit of not allowing her to eat until she calms down, praising her when she is calm and giving her the food. She'll learn she won't get what she wants until she is calm. Then after meals maybe give her a puzzle toy to keep her occupied, and if she still wants to play, tell her to go to her bed and lay down, rewarding her when she does and praising. If she gets up, repeat. She should catch on eventually. Keep the atmosphere calm, and keep at it even though it's difficult to get a puppy to stop playing. It's their nature!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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