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just have to rest those muzzles!

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how she can sleep with her face on a wooden arm is beyond me! lol


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LOL....well maybe she has a big head from being told how beautiful she is...and if not, let me add my praise....because she is such a pretty girl!

It must be hard work to be so pretty all the time :) Tiring work; but someone has to do it...hehe.
It sure doesn't look very comfy!


it must be!

That is a blissful sleeping face!
That is so funny, she has a lovely comfy couch to rest her pretty head on but no onto the hard wood LOL.
My neck hurts just looking at her. But she does look very peaceful!
kinda like kids, don't we wish we can get that comfy anywhere? would be nice!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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