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Greetings from the midwest.

My DD and I had a standard poodle many years ago. Magnum was fantastic. When he passed away DH and I moved to the country, so I got a border collie and some sheep. We also have been a foster home to Boston terriers. Now that my border collie has passed away, I have been looking for a smaller dog, one that I could carry down a flight of stairs if I had to.

After much searching I have come back to the poodle. This time, a miniature or toy size. I have been searching the net for a breeder and managed to talk to a breeder of miniature poodles who will probably have a litter available in October. However, I am still looking.

Puppy fever!
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I have a minipoo exactly for the same reason, I wanted a dog I could carry in an emergency for a distance. I had a tpoo years ago and now a minipoo.
Welcome! Glad you found us. Best of luck finding your perfect poodle partner.
Welcome to the forum. Hope you find the perfect puppy to add to your family!

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welcome. i always suggest checking out poodlesonline dot com. it's not an exhaustive list of breeders, but breeders are at least required to do health testing before they can participate in the site. it's a place to start. also google poodle clubs where you live. they usually provide info on members who are breeders. good luck!
It does sound like an mpoo would fit your bill. Brenda Aloff (also from Michigan) who is one of my favorite training gurus has a farm property and has kept BC but now also has become an mpoo convert! Must be something in the water up your way...
Welcome! If you are a BC person a minipoo will be an awesome fit. They have the smarts and they have the drive. Mine is the first small dog I have had in a long time and he is a character and as much of a handful as dogs 5 times his size. And that in an 11 pound package!
There is an AKC show on Friday and Saturday two hours from me, a poodle specialty. Yippee! I am planning on going and talking to the people there.
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