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Just a little brag...

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I just have to brag a tiny bit. Mercury passed his CGC tonight and I am so proud. The thing that was hardest for me to teach him was the sit stay. He always sinks down into a lay during a long stay but tonight he was perfect. I am so stinkin proud of him!! Yep, I'm bragging.
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That should be a big brag! That's wonderful and congratulations to both of you!
Way to go Mercury and Mercury'sMom! Your first title is definitely something to brag about. Hopefully the first of many!
Hooray!!! That is wonderful. Congrats to both of you!!!
How WONDERFUL!! A great big congratulations to both of you!!
Thanks :) Guess who got his fav treat for desert tonight? My man just loves icecream. I know it's bad for dogs, but a tiny bit won't give him tummy troubles and he LOVES it. The other dogs got a few bites as well of course. Even us humans got icecream. I use any excuse for a bit of sugar so we had to join in and have some too, lol.
That is so cool!! :) :congrats::congrats:

That is something I would love to do with Saffy,

you should be VERY proud!
Congratulations!!!! It's so wonderful when they get what you want and do it when it really counts! :first:

I've thought a lot about the CGC. The only thing that concerns me is leaving your dog with a 'stranger' while you go out of sight for 3 minutes. Why would anyone have a stranger hold their dog's lead? :doh: I just don't understand the practicality for that part of the test.

I also know it would take us a LOT of work before Zulee would do that even with someone she knew.

I think the other test elements are practical and getting through the trial is a big deal! Any comments or suggestions for me would be helpful. I know I will do obedience training....just not sure if we could do the CGC.

Congratulations on a job well done. What kind of ice cream?
What really helped us prepare was the class at the local kennel club. It was just a regular obedience class but a bit more serious one than Ive seen elseware. There was no puppy kindergarten aspect to it, the instructor called mid week every week to see if we had questions or problems and was very approachable. I have a hard time with heavy handed dog teachers or the ones who just want the dogs to socialize well with other dogs so had no problem with her methods. We were a good fit.

I think the reason they want a dog to do ok when left with a stranger is so they will handle it if the vet has to take them in the back without the owner or if the dog has to be away from the owner so the owner can carry stuff out to the car with both hands etc. The dog has to be on a leash held by the instructor and out of sight of the owner for 3 min. so it's not as bad as it sounds. During the test the dog can act nervous, just not freak out. Maybe they also want to make sure the dog is secure emotionally on it's own short term, Im not really sure.

I would recemend getting a CGC to every dog owner. It can even lower some dog owner's home owner insurence rates. I know that's why the rotti owner tonight was doing it, along with the great feeling of pride in a well behaved companion.

We just went for vanilla icecream, I didn't want to over do it with the doggy tummys.
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You and Mercury earned the right to brag! Congratulations!!! Did they have a person using a walker as a distraction walking in front of Mercury? And did they throw a can with coins to see how Mercury would react? So proud of you two.
congrats!! I want to look into this for Rogan as well... love to hear more about it!
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