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Peggy's the only puppy in her puppy class who consistently jumps up on the other owners (and also on the barrier our trainer sets up between working pups). She'll obediently sit when prompted, or eventually when ignored, but there's almost always some initial jumping, and sometimes it's quite persistent.

It's easily laughed off in class, but still so embarrassing, and I'd hate for her to hurt or scare someone out in the real world, or dirty their clothes.

What's the best method for convincing a bouncy 19-week-old spoo that four paws on the floor is not just preferred but expected?

I've met a few dog lovers who don't like standard poodles and their reason is always, "They're crazy and they JUMP!!!" I want Peggy to be a good ambassador for this marvellous breed.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!

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