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Jumping in with both feet!

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Hi, all! I'm new to the group -- and to poodles! Never had one, or even knew one.

Lost my beloved Giant Schnauzer last March, and my family has been after me ever since to get another furry family member.

Just poking around, I found Bumble on Craigslist (of all places). Couldn't resist going to meet him, and I was in love the second I saw him.

AFTER we brought him home, I began reading up on poodles. Whew! It looks like my whole family is in for some quality "bonding time" as we maneuver over our new pet's coat. I'm a little afraid, as we groom our dogs ourselves, but with the wonderful, supportive comments from professional groomers I found while I snooped through posts here, I was encouraged and just leapt in.

Full hour-long wash (are they made of water repelling wool or dog hair? It was hard to tell, but thankfully he was an angel in the tub).

Full hour-long blow dry, with daughter on the brush and son and husband switching between holding/comforting and holding the blowdrier for daughter. WHEW!

Two more days of hemming and hawing, and then I clippered him (butchering his face area and top knot, I'm afraid). The wonderful and helpful groomers at Petsmart were very complimentary, and spent a good deal of time advising me before and after. When we can afford a "real" groomer, that's where he's going.

In the meantime, I'm delighted by this wonderful new family member we have. He's shockingly gentle. Is this all poodles, or am I just accustomed to the A-type overbearing personality of our Schnauzers? He's even pretty okay with our backyard chicken flock (whew).

Looking forward to learning more about our lovely fellow. If you wanna see him a little more, I posted a first album at my profile.

Here's one before and after picture, though:

April in Frisco (North Texas)
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Welcome to the forum, I'm new here as well but I'm SURE you'll love it as much as I do
I love the name bumbles as well it looks like it might suit him ^_^

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I think apricot is a beautiful color (and as Spoofer mentioned) it's not just a color, but a range of shades. I'm pretty sure that if Bumble would've happened to be in our local on-line classifieds he wouldn't have been there for long (and I'd have an extra spoo!!) :)
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