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Joint swelling / knee effusion?

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My ~6 month old standard puppy recently has developed slight swelling in the knee joint area that appears to be a fluid buildup. Based on a quick google search, it seems very similar to knee effusion. It so happens that others from the same litter our pup came from have been experiencing the same condition - not severe enough to hinder movement but noticable by feel/touch. What we've heard from others is it could be due to too much time spent on hard surfaces / calcium deficiency (skeptical?).

Any suggestions or advice? Also will check with our vet but it's hard to capture by picture.

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I think I would go ahead and have a vet do diagnostic testing. It could just be that he injured his joint or he is growing too quickly and it will go away with rest and or diet but I would want to know. I would probably have my vet do an X-ray. But that is just me speaking I have no real knowledge on this.
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Yep, definitely going to see the vet if I don't hear back within a day or two (not being very responsive since he found out we're moving out of town soon...-_-)
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