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Jazz just has to brag about this...

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Jazz was totaly clueless on manners three weeks ago when we got her. When I say totaly clueless I mean slip her collar and vanish into thin air 30 minutes after we adopted her. I mean, jump on every new person, freak out at the slightest sound, pull you to your knees on a leash (now that she has a collar that she can't slip out of), and Jump, buck, fight and do backflips on her leash. She didn't know her name, she didn't know the word No, still doesn't know that one, she didn't know about a clicker, She didn't know the "Cookie" word, and she doesn't know the phrase, "Are you hungry?" About the only thing she did know was how to ride in the backseat of a car. A real sweet super cuddly lap dog from day one, but a little bit of a danger to herself. We started working with her on her basic skills and socializing the heck out of her. All of her training has been positive and she picked up on the cliker right away. I took her tonight to the obedience class that I teach. For the last class of each session we administer the Cannine Good Citizen (CGC) test. I decided to let Jazz take the test just to see. She passed it!!!
I'm so proud of her!!! We started learning stay just two days ago but when I asked her to down and stay and walked 10 feet away she didnt budge. I am exhausted after the day, I worked 10 hours non stop at the salon and then went straight from work to the obedience class, but I can't sleep. Jazzer's is just the best dog ever, I think I'll let her sleep in the bed tonight. Good Girl!! We'll send her test results to AKC in the morning so she can get her certificate. What a good girl she is.

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That's awesome! :high5:

I you have just shown what I've been suspecting. That our poodles' learning is only limited by the amount of time we spend on training. They have such an amazing capacity and desire to learn!
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