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I am bringing home a new 12 wk old standard poodle puppy. I asked the breeder what he has been wormed with and she said only ivermectin. Isn't that strange I thought you start with pyrantel and then I always use drontal plus when they are old enough? I really like this puppy but she breeds other dogs so I want to make sure he is healthy to be around my other dogs. I will keep him apart for several days and get him Vet checked.
That is a good idea, when I brought Ki-ki home, I had her vet checked even thought she was older and I knew the person I got her from, and found that she was riddled with hookworm! Thankfully my other dogs have been on heartguard so they are not at risk, but my kids are, so bleach and a 2 dose worm treatment with Drontal plus has been her treatment. We believe she also had Giardia so she was also treated for that and pet flora added to her diet since the loose stools have not subsided yet. But you are most right about keeping them seperate and getting a vet check done. DO you have pics yet???? lol had to ask, I LOVE pics!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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