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I've Finally Done It...

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I've added a couple (3 actually) photo albums to my profile. I'll update them as new pics come in.
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Here's a link to your albums so others can find them easy.

KamelotMom Poodle Gallery

Everyone else don't forget you have your own free photo gallery here too :target::target:
Thank you T. And thank you for the link. I didn't know how to post it.
Lovely dogs and lovely albums. Thanks for posting.
whoo!! I've had my two albums up for a little while but never thought to tell anyone about them LoL. Off I got to view your pics!
whoo!! I've had my two albums up for a little while but never thought to tell anyone about them LoL. Off I got to view your pics!
I'd love to look at yours but can't figure out how you find other people's albums. Todd, HELP!
Kathy - Click on the members name & view public profile. That's the only way I know how to do it.
Thanks. I did finally figure that out, KamelotMom. I was hoping there was a way to search all albums instead of having to go into each user's profile. Maybe there is........
Love the album!!

Also, what pedigree is mostly behind your bitch Guenna? Oh, if you dont mind me asking I should say. lol Im trying to research Poodle lines but I want a line that has some bone in the dogs but also nice and square. I really like Guenna's substance (bone) and she is a really nicely put together girl.

My boy Sting has a lot of bone and I would like to maintain that in a breeding program one day.
No prob Secreto. I fell in love with Peter (Whisperwind on a
Carousel) many years ago & have always wanted a Peter Puppy. Well I finally got her (by luck) . She also has some Treson & Mikimoto in her. I haven't picked a "boyfriend" for her yet because I want her to finish first. When that time does come I expect that Kaz will pick him as I trust his judgment and he knows her so well. Has Sting finished already?
Oh no, Sting is just begining. He is only 6 months old and we are just doing UKC for the time being. After I finish him UKC we will show him AKC.

I just fell head over heals in love with Standard Poodles and there is know question in my mind that I want to be a show breeder in the future. However, I need to figure out what lines are better then other's (in my opinion), what to stay away from and etc. I have a lot to learn still !

Thank you for giving me the info on Guenna's lines. There are many pretty Standards out there but some things really stand more then other's. Guenna looks like a very balanced bitch and it show's. She's beautiful !
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