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It's the 3rd night in a row!

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That Perry has slept out alllll night/morning while we have been house sitting and not pottied inside! No pee or poop! Hooray! I figured that while I am here at my mom's I might as well treat him like a puppy and potty train him. As annoyed with the situation I am... if I didn't try, I could only blame myself for him constantly going inside. He now goes outside, and if he doesn't potty, he goes in his crate. I try about 20 minutes later, and if he goes, he gets to be out. (The sad thing is, he knows to wait at the door when he comes in for me to put the belly band on, lol) This has also REALLY helped with him marking inside, because when he does, he goes in his crate. The belly band still catches it, but I can feel when it is wet. Yay! He is doing so well!

Because I was so proud, he got some tuna as a treat... and he loved it!

Today also marks the day that he is out of kibble, so the switch to raw begins! However, I'm pretty nervous about switching him, because he will eat next to nothing, and I don't want to be over feeding him.

While I'm at it, I might as well update on everything, right? Haha! We're having our pictures with Santa today, and rightly so, Perry's shirt says, "Dear Santa, I can explain."

I will post the pics when I get them!
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