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She is officially become part of the family...she is just as ornery as the rest of us lol. This afternoon she seems to have really come out of her shell. She was arguing with Quincy over a pig ear, Quincy gave her a what for and she left him alone...after 3 "what for's" from Quincy lol. She BARKS....a lot actually but so far only when she is playing or is needing something (like the pig ear Quincy had lol) ...

She has been going to bed with my daughter every night since she got here, which worked great, she would snooze with Jilly, I would take my bath then take her out of jilly's bed and get her settled for the night in her kennel. Tonight however, she decided that she wasn't going to bed, and was going to play in the bathroom while I had my bath, that ended real quick, she tried jumping in the tub and almost made it once but slipped down to the floor...She has been going to bed about 9pm but not tonight, she is much to busy chasing a ping pong ball around the house, tossing it in teh air and playing with it. I serioulsy doubt she will be ready for bed anytime soon.

She's pretty clever, she learned to sit on command tonight and actually does it most of the time since dinner time.....I am surprised at just how bouncy she actually is, she's been pretty laid back since we got her....So she must be comfy here now (YAY!!)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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