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It's nice outside!!

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It's so nice outside right now that Vinnie and I had to go out for a game of fetch. There are parts of the yard that are chest deep for him and he just plowed through it. :biggrin:

Being adorable...

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I groomed him yesterday - all that hair was just getting to be too much with the snow balls and he had to sit in an ex pen and dry forever... so it was off with his hair - I probably took almost half the length off of him. I totally screwed up his back legs (oh well... they'll grow) and I really shortened his topknot. I like the sides tighter like this, but still want more length on top...

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I love, just love his face! Those eyes are to die for!!
Very Cute pics. He looks like he was having such a good time
It dont get any more fun then this! What a good time!
Oh, wow! Vinnie looks like he is having a BLAST! Great shots of him, as always. :) I love his new 'doo', looks great on him!
That second photo has me spellbound! Vinnie is so photogenic, and you captured him so well.
I love the last pic where he is catching the toy GREAT photos thanks fpor sharing ... I just love pictures :)
Wow! Vinnie looks like he is really enjoying the snow. You did get some great pictures of his adorable face. His eyes just melt my heart!
FABULOUS!! The close-up says all there is to say about poodles!
Thanks all! He is just so much fun!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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