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My name is Mourningdove and I have 3 poodles... Donner, a giant male (blue) who is 2-1/2 now. Molly, a standard female (black). And Harley, a silver male mini. Molly was a craigslist special. She came to me at 4 months old because the family was going through a divorce. She is the sweetest girl! She was very quiet and shy when we got her, but has since "found her voice" and asserts herself quite well. Harley is also a rescue from a farm with cows and horses and came to us at age 1-1/2. (He is now 10 and has a hip problem) The family didn't want to take the time of grooming. Donner came from a breeder and has an impressive bloodline. I am NOT into show dog philosophy and could care less about all that! I love my dogs as members of the family and friends! I work at a university and love my job...have a husband, 2 homes, one in the city and one in the desert. The dogs get LOTS of running time in the desert and chase rabbits and have all kinds of fun on 60-acres of fenced sagebrush and juniper. I have to watch them close though because I worry about coyotes, or getting parasites from rodents (it has happened). But life is good for them!:)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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