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Sorry, I have been so busy, but I am still lurking here and reading! Heheehe! Anyway, guys- Bucky is soooo itchy and it is driving us BOTH crazy! He takes Comfortis for fleas and have not seen a flea on him. I bathed him in Equus (sp?) MicroTek shampoo and rinsed very well. I did not condition him because I did condition him last week at bath time and thought that may be the problem. He has been itching for two weeks now!! I even CUT his hair...you guys know I was trying to grow it, but we have decided to show UKC so I did a nice lamb cut. Still itching....
Here is a pic of him in the snow and his new do...sorry bad pics! I stink at it, and he was too busy catching snow flakes!


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Being from GA i am assuming you have recently turned on the heat? That can Really sap moisture from a dogs skin. As long as there are no fleas then i would bet its just dry skin. I would give him 1-2 fish oil capsules a day to see if it helps. You can pick them up anywhere. That will Really help with dry skin/hair and has many other benefits too. I have my dog on it all year round.
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