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I'm having the same malfunction with all four of my dogs. The difference I think for me is that our lovely neighbors had a flea problem that spread in Novemeber. We got rid of the bugs but then the temp dropped really low, I can't believe how cold it is here in florida right now lol, and so now everyone seems to have dry skin. Wonderful :) I have flax seed oil that the poodles are on most of the time, but I've been forgetting to put it in the food so maybe if I got more diligent about it it might help?
They get itchy when they get dirty too, theyv'e torn up the backyard something awful in the last two months. It rained almost every day for a month here and that hurt more than it helped. So they have sand down in their coats too. I need a live in groomer (other than me) to help right about now.
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