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It snowed on Christmas!

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It snowed here for Christmas! We were all excited! Everyone in our home, with the exception of TheGrey, loved it! There are paw prints all over the yard!

S-"What the bleep is wrong with TheGrey? He looks like a skinny Scooby Doo!"

S-"Perry has no ears!"

S-"What is wrong with TheQueen's one leg?!"

Me-"What about ProblemChild?"

S-"Um..he looks normal for himself."

S-"I do love mittens!"

There was more to say I'm sure.... but you get how it went. Notice how there are no positive comments!!! Not even a "good job!" However, I did get a:

S-"Hey (with a weird smile on her face)?"
S-"Would you still love me if I smiled like this in pictures?"
Me-"Only if it was in pictures."
S-"Not if it was all the time!?"
Me-"No I would." :)


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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