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It Finally Has Happened!!!!!!!!

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Well, it took 3 months, but those ears finally came up!!! He will
still let them flop down half way every now and then, but I think
he will be holding them erect all the time before too long. :D

Do you think it makes a difference in his appearance? He looks
so handsome, I love the erect ears, lol! ;D


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awww - he is cute! what kind of dog again?
He is mixed with a husky and GSD and has a small percent wolf in him
I was told. He was an adoption, I just love him! Thanks! :)
he looks like a sibe husky to me he is so pretty
awwwwwww, yay for upright ears LoL. How old is he again MM ?
aww he is really cute ! I always see husky and gsd mixes and they always look so beautiful.
My brother has a hybrid puppy that he reminds me of but my brothers pup is darker. His dog is Malamute X Gsd.

I'll post some pics of his dog from puppy till full grown

This was the first photo I ever saw of Cain.

Such a charmer

I went to visit my brother and his puppy after I found the *perfect* toy for him! It's his "mini-me".
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A very grown up Cain, that's my brothers other dog Max, a white German Shepherd. I took this photo for him last time I was visiting.

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