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Is this possible?

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Can a dog get high or act starnge from nail polish and/or the remover

I like to paint Ruby's nails and since she doesn't ever chew her nails and I cannot find a dog polish in Canada I have just been using the drug store type remover and polish. Which I thought woudl be fine since she doesn't chew her nails or her feet.

The first time I did it, she was fine, nothing strange...the 2nd time she needed to pee every few mins or so after we were done for about 3 hrs....the 3rd time, same thing but only for about an hr....yesterday no problems at all.

So I wonder if the smell is making her need to pee intensify?....yesterday I did them with the window open, the other times it was closed....

What is the difference between dog polish and remover compared to the human kind? I did find a bottle of dog polish, but the lable said it had never been tested on animals which I thought was strange since it was FOR animals lol, but it was almost $30 a bottle.

What do you guys use?
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I don't think there is much difference between dog polish and human polish. In fact I think the polish sold by petedge is made by.... darn I can't think of the name, but they sell polishes to nail salons and such. It does smell about the same. I'm not sure that a "high" poodle would need to pee more than normal but I don't really know. I use dog polish on my girls when I can but find that I get better coverage and faster results with human polish. I will also add that I use dog polish on my nails pretty frequently lol, though it takes more coats for coverage. I like to match the girls when I can, so I use the same polish if that happens to be color paw then so be it, if it's something else...well thats fine too :)

I'd say do your polish in an area with good air flow to avoid the fumes if you're worried about it. I usualy do have a small fan near my table when I do it at work. At home I park it on the kitchen floor and so far no problems.
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