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Is this ok in a pedagree?

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I see that Scarlettes grandfather on both mother and fathers side is the same poodle...

Is this completely normal and ok when I see this?? I really like this ladys site and everything I have read on it..
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ME LIKE : )))))) !!!!!!! LOL

I liked everything I read , and I read everything Birdy that was available on the site because you try so hard to find a good breeder and you should be example to all potential buyers of what should be done before puppy is brought home : ) !

If I wanted apricot or cream, I would be comfortable to buy from this breeder. I do not know how her contract looks like, but I would be completely shocked if it is not as it should be !!!! She is everything a reputable breeder should be - actively and first-hand involved in her dogs - even showing them herself sometimes. She is not breeding for profit - but for the love of breed !!!!

The lines that are behind that female are of GREAT quality !!!! Donchada is just fantastic and King's ...oh boy ! I think you have complete package here dear Birdy : )))) !!!!!

And also, Canadian dogs are somewhat better priced than here in the USA, even with shipping !!!!!!!

Best of luck : ))) !!!!
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