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Is this ok in a pedagree?

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I see that Scarlettes grandfather on both mother and fathers side is the same poodle...

Is this completely normal and ok when I see this?? I really like this ladys site and everything I have read on it..
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I think Natalie is really nice. She started out like many do and she purchased her foundation bitch from a less than stellar breeder (Scarlet is very tightly line bred). Natalie got amazingly lucky and Scarlet turned out to be a very nice Poodle. She not only finished her Championship, she has gone on to be a top producer.

I think Natalie does a very good job. She did the right thing and bred back into black in order to gain type. This isn't the easiest thing for a breeder to do because you give up profit in the short term but you gain quality and a larger breeding pool in the long run. Her dogs are not inexpensive, but if I was looking for Apricot, she would be one of the first breeders I called.
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