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Is this exercise regimen for a standard enough?

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So, hello, all! This is my first post here and I actually don’t own a poodle. For my next dog, which won’t be for years anyways, I was contemplating a Spoo. I’ve been reading a ton about them and I think both their temperament and activity level fits into my lifestyle. I’m also aware they are higher energy dogs, but not like husky or GSD level energetic. Most websites and people who own them say about 1-1.5 hours (+ mental stimulation) would be enough. Of course I’d get a show line dog.

But the exercise regimen would be 20-40 minute walk once daily + several shorter ones + 30-60 minutes of yard time (depending on how long the major walk was) + mental enrichment (pet stores, dog friendly stores, snuffle mats, puzzle toys, etc).

And to clarify, this would be for a fully grown poodle. Obviously I wouldn’t exercise a puppy to this extent, as that could harm their growing joints.
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For Peggy the key is a good chance to sprint every few days, and lots of mental enrichment, which includes multiple short daily training session (indoors and out), and also visiting cafés, going on gentle hikes, playing fetch on the beach, etc. She pretty much just lives life with us and that keeps her happy and stimulated. Even just watching movies on the couch is a fun activity for her, providing she’s had a chance to really stretch those spoo muscles with a good run (with us engaging her) in the yard.

As for walks, we find the best way to maximize the benefits is a loose leash and lots of opportunities to sniff. Walking on a short leash at a human pace wouldn’t do a whole lot for her. Might even leave her frustrated.
Yeah so I should have specified- not just standing in the backyard lol. I meant letting her zoom around, romp around with my other dog, play fetch (poodles love that since they were bred to retrieve game), or even a backyard agility course (saw those on Amazon). I’ve also heard they love to chase and be chased around the yard lol.

I also like to walk faster, so I finish my one longer walk in 40 minutes (sometimes more) but with a dog I’m aware that might be longer.. but if poodles are comfortable fast walking/trotting, then that’s even better!

There’s also “brain game” classes at my local pet store, which seems like it would be fun to attend with a smart dog!
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