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Is this exercise regimen for a standard enough?

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So, hello, all! This is my first post here and I actually don’t own a poodle. For my next dog, which won’t be for years anyways, I was contemplating a Spoo. I’ve been reading a ton about them and I think both their temperament and activity level fits into my lifestyle. I’m also aware they are higher energy dogs, but not like husky or GSD level energetic. Most websites and people who own them say about 1-1.5 hours (+ mental stimulation) would be enough. Of course I’d get a show line dog.

But the exercise regimen would be 20-40 minute walk once daily + several shorter ones + 30-60 minutes of yard time (depending on how long the major walk was) + mental enrichment (pet stores, dog friendly stores, snuffle mats, puzzle toys, etc).

And to clarify, this would be for a fully grown poodle. Obviously I wouldn’t exercise a puppy to this extent, as that could harm their growing joints.
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That sounds about right. They're kinda needy. A lot of us do something extracurricular with our poodles, like regular 1:1 playdates, agility, certifications, sniff training, etc to satisfy the mental/social stimulation factor.
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