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Sounds like it could work, though, as always, you'll have to adjust for the dog in front of you. Annie loves fast paced walking - I walk fast but never fast enough for her taste - she rarely stops to sniff, just nose down sniffing at a trot! I'll note that she is more energetic and athletic than most German shepherds that I know. If she plays with a GSD at the park, she has it panting and tired and lying down and then looks for her next play partner!

Annie needs 2 sessions of offleash running a week, minimum, to be truly happy. More is better. Exercise in a yard isn't usually enough, though she does get mental stimulation from hanging out outside. Probably depends on the yard size. Fetch is okay but doesn't really scratch that itch, self directed free off leash time (or long line time when she wasn't trustworthy off leash) where she can sniff the sniffs and chase the chipmunks is better. She also loves training class once a week. I hadn't intended to do that, but taking Rally class or another sport class once per week really seems to make her more content.

Annie's schedule is generally some training sprinkled through the day, plus 45 min-1 hr of running (dog park or an offleash hike), plus a 30 min walk, and maybe a few shorter walks. I can switch the running for a trip to an interesting place (visiting a relative, a training class, going to a store or walking downtown, etc) or even some longer leashed walks (a 10' leash helps) but she gets antsy if she doesn't get a chance to really stretch her legs at least twice a week. She also spends a fair amount of time on our fenced porch where she can watch the world. On lower energy days, I give her food puzzles.

When I lived in an apartment and didn't have a good offleash park or place to hike offleash/long leash, she got about 2 hours of walking per day and it really wasn't close to enough, tiring out a dog on a leash is hard to do. She'd drive me nuts until I could go somewhere to let her really run.

To get her truly, physically tired without mental work? When I visit my dad she is offleash on his 100 acres all day, and runs 4-6 hours a day, and would like to keep going. I imagine she would quickly build even more stamina. Similar if I go camping with her. A mix of mental work and physical work is key to having a dog you can live with.
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