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Lincoln's ear hair is about... oh... maybe 2-3 inches longer than his ear leather. I have only *barely* trimmed them like.... 3? times since I got him at 4 months (and he will be 1 next month). He just has such long, beautiful ears. LOL

I find it funny too, as my toy poodle Tsuki who will also be 1 next month... I have also never more than slightly trimmed the edges for a more even look and hers are like... 1/2-1 inch past the leather.

***And on a semi-related note.... is there anything vitamin/supplement wise they could have to support hair growth as I'm trying to grow them out over the winter... thanks!!
AS long as its not inside the ears, I wouldnt think so other then being in the way of eating and drinking. Maybe playing as well. I'm sure its cute, I guess just keeping them clean. I google everything!
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