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is skin issues a common threat?

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I'm new to spoos... you might have seen some of my other threads and realized just HOW new to poodles I am. Hehe.

I recently told a family friend who breads shnauzers that I was interested in getting a standard poodle. She really tried to discourage me saying that their skin is so thin that when she's had to transfer poos they would lay layers and layers of cushion to avoid some kind of skin issue and the poodles would still arrive with (heat spots? I can't remember).

Is a standard poodle's skin that sensitive? I thought maybe she was just "sold" on her breed and maybe that's why, but while looking at spoo's videos on youtube i noticed a spoo that when the sun caught his coat jsut right you could see shiny patches of skin all over his body, like patches of fur had fallen out? I realize this is only ONE poodle and ONE persons opinion, but thats why I was interested in hearing from REAL poodle owners.
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Only one of my poos have had any skin problems (a toy poodle) and that was because she had an allergy problem with something in the grass and it was only confined to the feet and only appeared late in her life. She ended up wearing socks I made for her. All other poos have had no problems.
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