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Is it ok to breed dogs that are pointed but not finished?

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I read in another post of a breeder that breeds her dogs that are pointed but not finished. She says that it means they are within the standard anyways (basically, though i am paraphrasing), so they are obviously of good qualities to breed.

More experienced thoughts on this? Personally i think it is a cop-out and lazy. Fine, so 1 or 2 judges thinks your dog was good (or was the only dog there that day). Is that good enough? Does it truely mean it is ok? On one hand, it is better then not showing your dog at all. I dont know.

What about breeders that have points on their dogs but stop because they say the dog Hates the grooming/banding, but breeds them still?

I know showing is not the end all and be all of breeders, but i sure like to see that their dogs fit the "standard".
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My understanding of poodles is that it's a very political breed to show in conformation. If you aren't so and so and don't have so and so in your lines you are going to have a heck of a time finishing on your own. Knew this going into it and don't care if it takes me a long time to finish because I have time and not space for another show poodle so Jasper's all I've got. If he's been tested and someone that has a very nice bitch comes along and wants to breed to him and he's only pointed (most likely going to happen) I would breed to them. It's highly unlikely that that scenario will happen but I'm just saying that naturally I'd stay away from certain types of breeders but I don't think a dog needs to be finished to breed.
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