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Is it ok to breed dogs that are pointed but not finished?

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I read in another post of a breeder that breeds her dogs that are pointed but not finished. She says that it means they are within the standard anyways (basically, though i am paraphrasing), so they are obviously of good qualities to breed.

More experienced thoughts on this? Personally i think it is a cop-out and lazy. Fine, so 1 or 2 judges thinks your dog was good (or was the only dog there that day). Is that good enough? Does it truely mean it is ok? On one hand, it is better then not showing your dog at all. I dont know.

What about breeders that have points on their dogs but stop because they say the dog Hates the grooming/banding, but breeds them still?

I know showing is not the end all and be all of breeders, but i sure like to see that their dogs fit the "standard".
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I would ask WHY a dog didn't finish and then let the breeder start talking. If it is because the dog "didn't like the show ring", then ask more questions. What didn't the dog like? How did it behave? Ask leading questions and see if the breeder doesn't offer up information.

I would be very concerned if the reason was temperament, i.e. the dog didn't like to be groomed or the dog was nervous in the ring. I like a Poodle who has nerves of steel. If it is too stressful for a Poodle to have a stranger go over it in public, I don't consider this to be breedable temperament.

Example: I know a breeder who had a bitch who was a skitzoid in the ring. She couldn't get her finished. She bred her anyway and she produced a litter of puppies with terrible temperaments. My neighbors got one of these puppies (not on my recommendation) and that dog grew up to be highly sharp shy. He eventually attacked a boy in public who had the misfortune of passing my neighbors on the trail (dog was on a leash).

Now.... if the reason was more structural or if a bitch ruined her show coat and the breeder didn't want to grow it out again, then I might forgive this. I know two local breeders who bred bitches they couldn't finish. One was a huge bitch with an ugly head. She had a lot to recommend her but she looked totally clunky next to the small, stylish bitches who show in our area. I think she is a nice bitch and they bred her to a dog who hopefully will address her faults. The other is a bitch with good breeding who had lots of good parts that just didn't work well together. She too was bred to a very, very nice dog and she has a lovely daughter who is now out showing.

Finally, all this goes only for bitches. I don't give any pass to a stud dog. There are plenty of fabulous stud dogs out there who are finished and who do have multiple performance titles. Why would you breed to an untitled stud?
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