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Ive seen this happen more from breeders that have previously sold a puppy to a show home. The dog was mistreated, not socialized etc and ended up back with the breeder later. If the dog turned out to be really nice or could add something to the breeding program, then why not use the dog in the breeding program and let it be a pet over all.

This is what Ive seen happen and its sad but it does happen. I recently found a breeder I know's Amstaff listed on craigslist. I knew right away it wasnt just any Amstaff, it was a Wild West dog. They listed the dog that day and said if it didnt have a home by 3 pm it was going to the pound because he broke up with his girlfriend and he couldnt keep the dog at his new place. stupid idiot! I of course called the breeder and told him what I seen on craigslist and he called to rescue the pup he bred. Its amazing the way people will just disregard the contract they signed.

This is not always the curcumstance and I agree if a dog has genetic behavior issue's it should not be bred and altered to ensure that as well.
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