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Canidae actually recently changed their formula..I'm still a little nervous about them although they used to have a really good product. I think a lot of consumers didn't know that the food was changing and a whole bunch of people all of a sudden had dogs with the runs. The formulas used to be gluten free but they now contain gluten is what I read...and some dogs have issues digesting gluten.

Evo, CN, and FRR are all way better than Purina One though so I would automatically go back to one of those three.

Here is my take on Innova Evo. I have seen the reviews you have seen as well and have done a bit of reading on it. There was apparently a study done on rats that had some indication that excess protein would damage their kidneys. There has not been a study done on dogs and dogs require higher levels of protein than rats, so the study really doesn't apply. There hasn't been any valid evidence that high protein causes kidney damage. Now if your dog already has kidney problems, it may require a specialized diet, but the protein itself won't cause them.

(There are a lot of articles talking about how kidney failure isn't linked to high protein, I'd love to hear a nutritionist respond to both sides though so we could all get some closure!)

I feed Evo personally but there are other brands that I would definitely feel comfortable feeding as well.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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