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Hello, Poodle Lovers! The theme this month is:
Poodles Giving Thanks

In this turbulent year of 2020, they shared our moments of joy, play, boredom, sadness, health, and uncertainty. Your poodle is thankful to have had so much time to spend with you most of this year. They have been our constant companions, loving our company whether it's hanging out with us in the kitchen, snuggling with us on the sofa, showing us their discoveries outside, and are right there when we're on Zoom, our phones, and the Internet. We are as grateful for them as they are for us.

Entering the contest is simple. Go to this PF link and submit 1 to 3 photos of your poodle or poodle-mix giving thanks. Entries accepted from now thru Saturday 11/28 at 3pm East Coast time or noon West Coast Time. Please include a 1 or 2 sentence blurb about the moment, and their name(s). Good luck!

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