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I wanted to introduce you to the "Two Dogs Named Brogan".

Jill and I run Brogan's Heroes. We were co-workers over 10 years ago and have been best friends ever since. Here's a little about the true loves of our lives!

Courtney's Brogan is a 7 year old 100 pound Black Lab. His favorite past times are chasing squirrels, chewing on rawhides, napping on the down comforter and barking every day at 3 pm at the mailman.

Jill's Brogan is a 2 year old 75 pound Pitbull Mix. We think he might have French Bulldog and Lab in him too. His favorite past times are destroying everything, playing with any toy he can find, barking at the wind and terrorizing his older sister Lizzy. He has a thing for the mailman too.

Of course we can't forget our girls.
Courtney and Brogan had the honor to spend 13 years with a very special girl, Bella, who died last year. She was the pack leader so we are a little lost. Miss her a lot but boy did she have a wonderful life!!

Lizzy is Jill's older dog. She is the best cuddle bug. And does a great job entertaining Brogan and keeping a close eye on him. But Jill knows that if Brogan is barking than it's nothing but if Lizzy barks than she needs to go check it out. Our girls are awesome!!

Thank you for welcoming us into your community!

Jill and Courtney
Brogan's Heroes


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