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Hey Poodle Lovers!

I'm Julie - I go by Lisa's Girl as Lisa was my first dog. She was a Lhasa/Cocker cross who passed away last year after 14 years of love and happiness. She saw me through all of my schooling including college, which I finished shortly after she passed. She's always been my heart dog and I miss her very much.

I guess I go in the "future poodle owner" category; I'm planning on getting a Toy Poodle in particular. I'm finally coming around to the point where I'm emotionally ready to have another dog, and I'm just waiting to get my situation such that I'm physically ready to have another dog. In the meantime I've contacted a fabulous toy poodle breeder here in Northern California (I'm in the SF Bay Area) and we're getting to know each other.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and get to know the breed a bit!
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