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Insulin for dogs

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My poodle has been starting to show the behaviour of overeating than usual. He was hungry all the time. This was a little concerning for me as it was the first time he was acting like this. We took him to our vet, and he made us aware that my dog was diabetic. Overeating is one of the signs of being a diabetic. He also pointed out that he was losing weight despite the fact of eating too much. Sach was hospitalized for running some tests and later on was prescribed insulin shots every day. It was difficult for me to take him to the vet every day as my job was in the way. I started searching online for some alternative options and came across websites with a choice of in-home insulin kits. My vet showed me how to do this at home. I have never bought medicines from such platforms. Could someone help and advise me on this?
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I use Chewy for my elderly dog’s Galliprant prescription because it costs half of what the vet charges for the same medicine. They take care of contacting the vet to confirm the prescription and then send it on a schedule, so it really is convenient. I’m not familiar with that website, but if they require the prescription, either from the vet directly or supplied by you, then I would feel okay with it.
Type 1 diabetic human here. I had a type 1 diabetic weimaraner. Ask all your questions. I'm right here.

When you say supplies are you talking about insulin and syringes, or blood testing kits?
Listen to Click. She will guide you well, but I think your vet needs to give your prescriptions for insulin and needles/syringes and testing for your dog's glucose levels.
Welcome, @christybently. What specifically can we assist you with? Are you looking for reputable online pet pharmacies that ship to Canada? Are you wondering what you need to order or even how to place your order?

Let us know how we can help. :)

I helped care for a diabetic dog for years. He learned that a cheery call of "needle time!" meant a brief poke but also a yummy treat. He came running!
The kit you linked is a glucose monitoring one- for checking glucose levels to see how the insulin is working.
Many clients at the clinic where I work just get the monitors from human pharmacies. Do look into that option, you do not need a prescription and there are often deals with the sample strips.
We have even used the Libra on a few pets (this is a patch that is applied and stays on for up to two weeks, it links with your cellphone). A great option to be able to do curves if you are not very comfortable poking him yourself (obviously tends to be more expensive than a regular glucometer, but less than having it done at the vet).
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I am assuming the actual insulin injections are something you are/will be doing at home, as is usual.
Your vet should dispense the insulin and needles to you, but there are several online pharmacies as well. Pets Drug Mart and The Pet Pharmacy are two I've seen used.
Walmart fills prescriptions for pets and Costco does too. Costco does not require YouTube a member to use their pharmacy. My sisters cat needed some prescription meds and they were cheapest at Costco.
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