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I was on to something. I excitedly yipped hoping mom would come in and move the thing keeping it just out of my reach. I impatiently went to the living room and got her. I showed her what I needed, and she moved it. I picked up my attention grabber so quickly she couldn’t even see what I got.

It took mom a couple minutes to come back out, and in that time it had gotten away from me and I didn’t know where it was. I was on the scent though. I could smell it in the air and I walked around the room to see where it was the strongest. Then I got the ground scent: I knew where it went! I tracked it from one side of the room to the other, not missing an inch with my nose. I knew it was there somewhere but couldn’t see it. Mom remarked that I would be a good scent dog, and how I have a good prey drive.

I tracked it down to the sliding door area. Frustrated that I still didn’t know it’s precise location, I began moving around to get a better look. Maybe a different point of view? So I jumped up on mom’s chair and surveyed the entire area.

Mom saw it first. She told me to look up. What’s “up?” I only know that to mean, up on the chair (couch, bed), but I was already on the chair. Mom lifted her head and eyes and was looking up high. After a couple of minutes I figured out to look in the direction she looked: and there it was! My prey was way up on top of the curtains... now what?

While I got into place to keep my eye on it, I realized the important part had been accomplished: I had it in my sight...

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