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I suggest getting George Alston's book "The Winning Edge" and would highly recommend attending his Conformation Handling Seminar. You will learn what you need to do and what not to do in the ring. Home

I attended this past weekend and I took tons of notes and we practiced in the ring with our dogs. It was grueling but worth every dime! At the age of 71 he still has it in him! I wish I had taken the seminar before showing in the ring so that bad habits could have been avoided and to learn to not show a dog while they are teething. I will plan on attending future seminars when they come into my area again but with a different dog. He focuses on Beginner, Advanced and even holds Super Advanced seminars for pro handlers from all over the world. The wealth of knowledge attained in such a short time is mind-boggling.

I plan on taking my new found skills to the AKC ring this weekend with Buoy and Bindi. We'll still have lots of practice to do but we can win!

One young lady had never won until last year after taking the seminar. To date she has 11 points and one major on this same dog. She hopes to finish her now that she has taken another seminar.

I encourage you to attend if you can even as a spectator if you can't afford the bring your dog price!
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