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If you have multiple dogs, who gets you?

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The way my pack is set up is that Harry gets me and Mia gets wherever else she wants. If my husband is here he stays on the floor by him and Mia will sometimes lay on the floor by me or lay in front of our bedroom door. She isn't the clinger that Harry is. Must be that boy/girl thing again.:in-love:
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The poodles (both females) like hubby best, but Hannah is my siamese twin! She wants to me with me always!! :) Juliet also likes me best of anyone in the house, but will be content to sit on someone else's lap if it's available and mine's not!
They all get both of us, but if Holly could talk, she would tell you her fave is Bruce. Thinker is all about me. Iris is nearly always on my lap and Wiz is totally and happily complacent and does not care, but keeps his eye on where I am most of the time.
I think Mia wants me but she respects her place behind Harry and doesn't push the issue. She gets to have me whenever my husband is here though because they don't have much of a bond.
Honestly, both dogs are "mine." If Midge had a second favorite, it would be my four year old. When he was a baby, she was right there babysitting him by the crib. She would sleep next to the crib and get me if he even when "UH" in a tone she didn't like. He will lay on her and talk to her, and play with her, and they are buds. Captain is mostly my shadow. Of course, he's only lived with us two months, so he's still learning the ropes. He is starting to really warm up to my four year old also. My husband just isn't around enough for the dogs to get really bonded with him, they like him, and will play with him, but I will have the poodle on my lap and Midge will be at my feet.
both dogs are very much mine. They'll play with hubby, but they don't snuggle or hang out with him. Paris is pushy, and Riki is submissive so if Paris 'gets me' more by her choosing, but Riki will choose her bed if she can't have me.
Suri is all mine and everyone comments on that. She has been this way since day 1. She gets pushy - not mean - just pushy when I am loven Olie, she will try to butt in so to speak.

Olie is neutral - when daddy talks, he listens much better though.
All three dogs are mine and they have successfully learned to share me. ;)
Lacey (spoo) is my girl through and through. Blitz (the whippet) loves my son the most, but he doesn't live here anymore so I am second best. Midge (the mutt) loves anyone and will take whatever she can get no questions asked. Maari (the chihuahua) likes to sit on Dad's lap for TV time and sleep close to me at bed time. When its feeding time, I am the winner of all affection because I control the food :D
I would have to check with A on the validity of all this... But...

TQ is my girl. I got her when I was 19, and it has been just us since then. She has happily welcomed in every dog to our house, and is the boss of them all. However, she is also my green eyed monster because she gets incredibly jealous if I show affection to Tate (the big boys, she could care less about for jealousy purposes, they are wrapped around her paw).

Tate is mine. He likes A and will gladly take love and attention, but when it comes down to it, he wants me. And A can attest that every morning, when the house is waking up and I am still asleep, Tate SCREAMS whenever I even roll over. He is obsessed with me. But thankfully, the separation anxiety is getting better and he doesn't scream when I leave anymore.

Problem Child was gotten to be A's puppy (before we ever thought of the grey or of Tate), however, I was the divine ruler. He was my Panda Bear and would roll all over me and want to cuddle with me. I left for a week long trip, and in that time he bonded with A, and was upset with me for a few days. He is A's baby, I think he loves to be loved by her, but respects me more, as he listens much better to me.

The Grey is our shared dog. He loves us both equally, and is equally as happy to see either of us. He is often more quiet than the others, so sometimes gets looked over, but he doesn't care. He is happy to just lay in the floor with chaos around him. Our home is also much better than the one he was previously in, seeing as when we got him he was skin and bones.

Our house is divided, but everyone is happy and healthy (well, minus that PC is a little crazy)... :)
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Oodles and Bubbles are usually next to me or on my lap, Bruno loves the boyfriend so whenever he is around they are joined at the hip and Baby Lu loves everyone. Right now she is on the couch looking over my shoulder at the poodle forum (probably praying for another spoo, the toys are afraid of her, she is a little rough for them). My Ragdoll is afraid of nothing and plays with Lu when he is in the mood.
All 4 are my dogs, the rest of the family doesn't do much with them other than letting them outside to potty.

So I am usually surrounded, by all 4. And I wouldn't have it any other way. :)
If you came to our house you would sit in our U-shaped living room. My husband has HIS sofa, I have My sofa and another one has its arm right beside a window looking down the street.

Normally every dog is on my sofa, on my arm rests or laying across the back of the sofa.

If my husband wants someone to snuggle, he calls one of them and they look at me like "Do I HAVE to go over there?"
Right now would be a perfect example of how my house is divided, alas I can't take a picture while being cuddled by TQ, Tate and the cat. We were all laying on the bed just now and the cat decided he wanted a snuggle, too. Guess I'll put Icky on Team Spencer!
I USED to be Matrix's favourite, and our bichon Tippy was my dad's dog. After she passed, Matrix was rather depressed and just wanted loving from anyone. Then Mitch came, and stole all my attention and energy. I am definitely Mitch's favourite, and I think I'm still Matrix's favourite, but they really love my whole family, especially my boyfriend. I would even say that Matrix loves Zach more than me!
Fin is my shadow. I can't go in the bathroom without him or he will scratch the door down. Reece is with mine, but is ok with her dad if I'm busy. Allie gets on our bed and that is where she stays. She's not a clingy dog at all.
Betty Jo is my dog (though she loves the whole family)and certainly see no reason why I should ever go to the bathroom alone. She will wait outside the bathroom door for me if I am rude enough to shut her out. Its funny when Arreau comes though because she makes it very clear that she still remembers her first mom and still loves her too. Jenny divides her loyalty and loves us all especially anyone on the couch or on the bed. She loves to cuddle.
Both dogs are "mine", but Cricket is completely and utterly all about me. Clover is happy to hang out with everyone, but Cricket has some anxiety issues and really prefers and feels most comfortable with me. She does not have that much interest in my husband--only when he has a snack! LOL! She dotes on me and the kids mostly. Clover loves anyone that will give her attention, but she looks to me for guidance and assurance. Both dogs follow me throughout the house. Cricket will follow my little one (almost 2) as well. It's like she knows he needs extra looking after. My husband and I joke that she thinks he is her child, and that she would try to nurse him if she could! LOL! Clover also has attached herself to my little one. When he cries, she just howls and howls! It's really funny!
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Both dogs are mine but Harley definitely defers to Bailey. Bailey is older, was here first and just has a more bossy personality w/ other dogs. Harley learned from day one that Bailey wasn't to be "messed" with. Bailey is almost always in my lap if Harley is around, but I do make time just for Harley. Mostly he is content to lay on my feet. Harley is only allowed on the furniture when invited (which isn't very often since he loves to roll in dirt and grass), while Bailey is usually on the furniture.

When dog #3 gets here it will be interesting to see what happens. I know Bailey will not be thrilled w/ the added competition (neither will Booger the cat, lol) but I think Harley will view him/her as a new playmate.

LMAO about the bathroom comment. I have two large doggie houseguests right now who won't even let me blowdry my hair w/o supervising. It's a very tiny bathroom and having the company of a Spoo and a Pitbull (w/ his dreaded whip like tail) is an experience. Booger can turn the doorknob so there is no keeping him out either.
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Betty Jo is my dog (though she loves the whole family)and certainly see no reason why I should ever go to the bathroom alone. She will wait outside the bathroom door for me if I am rude enough to shut her out. Its funny when Arreau comes though because she makes it very clear that she still remembers her first mom and still loves her too. Jenny divides her loyalty and loves us all especially anyone on the couch or on the bed. She loves to cuddle.
You know that's so funny you said that because I swear that Harry remembers his breeder when he sees her.
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