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If Standard Poodles are Spoos...

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Then what's the "nickname" for Miniatures and Toys?
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I dont think they have a nickname. Maybe they could be called min poo's and T-poo's. Thats all I can think of for the smaller varieties. lol
minpoo and topoo(like tofu) lol I have no idea
moo and too ?? LoL... I don't know if they have a nickname, I've never heard it if they do. I always mark my book with TPoo or Mpoo or if I don't know the dog I may mark Lpoo (little poodle) since some people say they have toys but really have minis and vice versa.
Those are some really cute ideas...maybe they will get picked up and become widely used. You never know...you my have started something here.

I could've sworn that a poodle breeder I use to know had nicknames for them. LOL. I like Moos and Toos. lol
We should pick some, start it, and others will follow!

L O L!!

Origin of nickname: "So and So" on PoodleForum

haha would be nifty!
To be honest I loath the term "Spoo" or any other nickname for a breed, if you can not say the entire breed name or spell it for typing matters don't do it at all. Its one of my pet peeves. :mmph:

Anyway I don't think that was helpful :lol:
I have just always heard them referred to as Minis and Toys
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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